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Black and White, Chicano Pen Ink Style Roses - Unisex Slide

Black and White, Chicano Pen Ink Style Roses - Unisex Slide

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Slide Features
  • Straps are swappable. Once you have a pair of Licuado Wear slides, you can purchase additional pairs of straps. Swap on new designs for less than the cost of a whole new pair. Amazing for accessorizing and keeping your look fresh.

  • Soles keep your feet feeling great. The proprietary PU blend is designed to maximize the elasticity of the soles without sacrificing durability, meaning your soles will never deform or compress. They’ll feel awesome the first time you put them on and the thousandth.

  • Straps are perfectly cushioned and won't chafe. The neoprene padding feels great on bare skin without the bulky look seen in some other brands.

  • Machine washable. Slide straps getting dirty? Toss them in the wash with the rest of your laundry and they’ll come out looking good as new.

  • Watersafe. Go ahead and get them wet, they’re made for it!
Note: If you wear a half size we recommend rounding up in size.
Expect 6-8 business days from time of order to time of delivery.
All slide sales are final/non-returnable unless defective.

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