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Itzcuintli (Xolotl) - Embroidered Cuffed Beanie

Itzcuintli (Xolotl) - Embroidered Cuffed Beanie

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The perfect hat to sport during Muertos season or all year round.

Itzcuintli (Dog) is governed by Mictlantecuhtli, God of Death, as its provider of Tonalli (Shadow Soul) life energy. Itzcuintli is the guide for the dead, the spirit world's link with the living. Itzcuintli is a good day for funerals, wakes, and remembering the dead.

A snug, form-fitting beanie. It's not only a great head-warming piece but a staple accessory in anyone's wardrobe.

100% Turbo Acrylic
12" in length
Unisex style
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