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Add On Straps for Men's Slides - Bandana Designs (Cool Colors)

Add On Straps for Men's Slides - Bandana Designs (Cool Colors)

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Men's Size
Order these straps to snap on to your existing slides for a fresh new look. 1 order contains 1 left and 1 right strap. Make sure you order the same size as your existing slides.

Strap Features
  • Straps are swappable. Once you have a pair of our slides, you can purchase additional pairs of straps. Swap on new Licuado Wear designs for less than the cost of a whole new pair. Amazing for accessorizing and keeping your look fresh.

  • Straps are perfectly cushioned and won't chafe. The neoprene padding feels great on bare skin without the bulky look seen in some other brands.

  • Machine washable. Straps getting dirty? Pop off the straps and toss them in the wash with the rest of your laundry and they’ll come out looking good as new.

  • Watersafe. Go ahead and get them wet, they’re made for it!
All slides are made to order. Expect 6-8 business days from time of order to time of delivery. Made in USA. All slides/straps sales are final/non-returnable due to their customization.
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