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(verb) / (noun) lee-kwah-doh


1. To blend or mix smoothly and inseparably together

2. Smoothie


Mi Abuelita made me a delicious licuado con fresa!  🥤🍓


Licuado Wear: A delicious blend of cultura. We are more than just one sabor.
About the designer

As founder and CEO of Licuado Wear, Heather Arellano-Zapata (she/her) is a creative old soul with 20+ years of experience in the advertising and design field. She’s originally from Denver Colorado, currently living in Chicago Illinois with her daughter, husband, and two little perritos named Beans & Rice.


Heather’s work is inspired by her Chicana/Mexican culture, bold vibrant colors, nostalgic memories of decades/generations past, and her experience as an Aztec Dancer in Denver and now Chicago. Her favorite mediums include fashion, digital art, photography, sewing, and anything crafty from jewelry design, to floral crowns for the Muertos season and more.


You can find Heather on any given day obsessively working on her designs and collections as she’s never at a loss for inspiration or drive. Licuado Wear and the on-line community that’s supportive of her designs truly gives her daily joy, fulfillment, and the opportunity to express her true authentic self in a way that no other job has ever provided.

Heather’s favorite part of her business is the opportunity to give back with the Licuado Wear Cares program that she implemented at the begining of 2021. This program donates 5% of all profit to various nonprofits that directly support our communities. To learn more about this program click below.

Licuado Wear Cares